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Welcome! This is a 100-word drabble writing community in the nature of hp100. Our focus here is Blaise Zabini.

  • Membership is open to all livejournal users. You must join in order to post.
  • Prompts will be posted each Sunday. You may always post outside the weekly prompt, if that’s the way the muse hits you.
  • Each drabble posted to this community must be exactly 100 words. No more, no less. That’s the whole point.
  • All drabbles must pertain to Blaise Zabini in some way. They may contain other characters/ships, but Blaise must be the focus.
  • No chaptered drabbles. You can call them parts of a whole, but they must all stand alone.
  • Please use an LJ-cut when posting more than one drabble.
  • Please use an LJ-cut when posting a drabble containing coarse language, violence, or adult material.
  • No off-topic posts are allowed. Only drabbles and posts by moderators. Anything else will be deleted.

  • Please use the following template when posting:

    Subject Line: Title of Drabble

    Title: (title of drabble again)
    Author: (your name)
    Word Count: (should always be 100)
    Characters: (should always include Blaise Zabini)
    Rating:* (all mature and adult content behind a cut)
    Prompt: (if applicable)
    Author’s Notes: (include any warnings here)

    (Body of drabble)

    *I'd like to get away from the rating system used by the Motion Picture Association of America, if possible, as movies are a very different genre from the written word. Therefore, the following ratings are preferred:
    If you think your fic is G/PG, please label it “Everyone”.
    If you think your fic is PG-13, please label it “Teen”.
    If you think your fic is R, please label it “Mature”.
    If you think your fic is NC-17, please label it “Adult”.
    If you are unsure what constitutes a certain rating, check out the Fiction Ratings Guide. Feel free to use their system, as well.

  • We are living in a post-HBP world. You may encounter spoilers in this community for all six Harry Potter books currently in publication.
  • This community supports ALL ships that contain Blaise Zabini. This includes slash.
  • This community supports ALL interpretations of the character of Blaise Zabini, including (but not limited to) Canon!Boy!Blaise, Fanon!Boy!Blaise, and Girl!Blaise.
  • You may encounter adult material in this community. If you are prohibited from reading such material due to your age or location, please just be honest and don’t read it.

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    Please direct all questions, comments, or suggestions to the moderator, tamlane, at rowena_ravvish(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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